Wheel and rail conditioning 

IGRALUB has developed and delivered innovative and highly efficient lubricants and lubrication systems for railways, LRV, metros and trams. Igralub’s know-how helps to dramatically reduce wheel/rail wear and tear and reduce or even prevent the annoying train wheel/rail noises, such as curve squeaking.

Curve squealing and wear

We have the solution!

IGRALUB has been dealing with the problem of rail squeak on bends for more than 25 years. This depth of experience guarantees comprehensive consultation for a successful solution. Igralub offers the high-tech lubricant HeadLub, optimal application systems, position dependent control system with GPS, service and support.

Total Services Provider

this guarantees for you:

– One contact person
– Controlled interfaces
– Installation on appointment
– Compliant systems and products
– Lubricants which are effective, efficient and environmentally friendly.

Railway and wheel applications

IGRALUB offers as wheel and rail lubrications systems from one source. This guarantees one contact person, compliant systems and lubricants that are effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. We provide support throughout all phases of a project, from problem identification and analysis to planning, engineering, after-sales and maintenance.

– Mobile spray systems for rail head and flange
– GPS control for mobile systems
– Stationary lubrication systems
Systeme 21


for rail traffic and railway systems

IGRALUB Know-how:
– Advanced hi-tech lubricants
– Optimal application systems
– Strategy development