Railway - and Wheel Applications 

IGRALUB offers wheel and rail lubrications systems from one source. This guarantees one contact person, compliant systems and lubricants that are effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. We provide support throughout all phases of a project, from problem identification and analysis to planning, engineering, after-sales and maintenance.

Lubrication systems

must guarantee that the application of the lubricant is placed:

– at a specific location(inner or outer rail in a curve, top-of-rail/rail sides)
– at a specific time and for a specific duration (hours / daily use)
– in a controlled quantity.

These three functions are the minimum requirements for a successful lubrication system. Two main groups of systems are currently offered on the market: stationary and mobile lubrication systems.

Mobile lubrication systems

are mostly spray systems.

They are simple and cost-friendly to maintain. Installation in a small proportion of the existing vehicles should already be sufficient to treat the entire route network.

– Rebs
– Bijour Delimon
– Beka

GPS control
for mobile spray systems

TOR is an independent electronic control. Because of location detection signals (GPS, control systems) TOR recognizes specified lubrication points before curves and rail points that are registered on a card, and passed on corresponding signals (direction, braking, speed, weather, time, etc.),are defined in spray commands. TOR meets the requirements for the treatment of the rail head and is successfully used for the rail head conditioning.

Manual control

The command to spray the rail head is given manually by means of a pushbutton in the driver’s cab. This set-up is recommended for small railways and mountain railways.

Stationary systems

are facilities that are placed alongside the rails.

In separate systems of lubrication material either at the edge of the outer rail or rail applied to the rail head on the inner rail.

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