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Mobile filling pump

for wheele-flange lubrication systems.
Mobile filling pump HDS/F-50 for 10 kg – 50 kg Bundle
Mobile filling pump HDS/F-200 für 200 kg Bundle
Mobile systems with automatic cut-off for wheel flange lubrication systems. Both models are also available with manual cut-off.

For Oils and greases, as well as lubricants up to NLGI 2.

Mixer APT 1900W

Useful for lubricants to dissolve sedimentation.
Combinable with the filling pump. Mixer designed for 50 kg containers.
Ergonomically shaped shock-proof handle.
Matching centring cap and clamp for secure fastening.
Power 1900 watts / 2 gears.

Special Back-Injector

for lubricants.
For larger applications the right back sprayer in uncompromising quality for the professional user.

External 6 bar pump, easy to dismantle.
Impact-resistant 10-litre plastic container with UV protection.
Comfortable, individually adjustable carrying strap.

Particularly suitable for the lubrication of rail switches with
– SwitchLub 60/09
– SyntLub 4000