Cranes and conveyors 


for rails and wheels of cranes

Application areas:

– All types of harbour cranes and special container handling systems
– Overhead or gantry cranes as found in the heavy industry and the steel industry


The system was originally designed for rail vehicles, to prevent wear between wheel and rail. Also, the noise should be minimized. This lubrication system can be optimally used for rails and wheels of cranes.

The effect is up to 10 times longer durability of wheel and rail.

Compressor with control
Overhead crane


– Measured coating lubricant supplied from the pump.
– Compressed air and lubricant are mixed in a ratio of 9:1 and transported to the nozzles.
– The precise amount of lubricant is sprayed with nozzles on both rail sides.
– Coated only while crane wheels are moving.
– The control system ensures optimum coating of the wheel / rail interface edges.
– The spray amount from each nozzle can be adjusted separately.
– Used in any shape of rail and wheel with non-contact method.
Running wheels on crane rails

Performance test for 15 months


– Increased productivity through time savings due to fewer large substitutions of
 wheel and rail.
– The reduction of wear between wheel and rail of cranes,
reduces the replacement up to 10 times.
– Rail can be used long time without replacement.
– Through economical application of the lubricant film, excessive dirt and
 other contaminants are prevented.


RailLub ® 90/CR

High-tech wheel flange lubricant for cranes
– Specially developed lubricant with a high content of solid lubricant.
– Despite extreme pressure, it reduces the wear and friction between the surfaces by the
 formation of a solid film.
– More adhesion, better grip of the wheels and efficient heat dissipation.
– New thickening system, no deposition of solid lubricant components.
Technical data
NLGI 000
Solid lubricant content   <15%
Application temperature -30 – +200°
Bio -Rahmen
easy biodegradability
Low temperature
Daewoo Shipbuilding and Marine Engineering
Samsung Heavy Industries