lubrication technology for industry and machinery 

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IGRALUB lubricants for industry and machinery are used universally.
A collection that shows some of the possibilities:

– Open gears Spindles
– Bogies, bolts, sockets
– Windlasses
– Rotary tower drives
– Conveying, transport chains
– Conveyor belts
– Chains / ropes
– Converter drives
– Steering linkages
– Wheel bolts, adjusting screws
– Crown gears
– Stone crashers
– Roll pins
– Shafts, cement plants


Open gears used in industry require special lubricants that provide an excellent performance even in extreme conditions. The spur drive gears of slab pushing systems, rotary kilns, cement plants, etc., are operated under extreme pressure. Given these forces, the gear wheels, spur gear units (with straight or helical gearing) are exposed to very high loads.
The lubricant plays an important role ensuring a smooth continuous operation despite the massive loads.

Lubricants for optimal operation of open gears:

– high content of solid lubricants
– strong adhesion capability
– high resistance to pressure
– environmentally safe.

This leads to:

– reduction of the wear on the profiles of the teeth
– increased efficiency by reducing the friction
– silent running of the gears
– low environmental pollution.


Chains in general and chains for escalator in particular have to constantly provide maximum performance. Therefore, optimal chain lubricants need to ensure that chains run smoothly in order to reduce the need for maintenance.

Properties of lubricants for optimum chain lubrication:

– excellent penetrating and lubricating properties
– pressure stability and thermal stability
– temperature resistance
– great creeping properties
– superior surface wetting, repelling water and forming a protective film
– reduced wear
– protection against corrosion
– no dripping and throwing off


The friction surfaces of spindle nuts and spindles are finely ground during their manufacture in order to keep their roughness as low as possible. The greater the roughness, the greater will be the wear when under large pressure. Other negative effects are overheating, seizing and the heavy development of noise.

With many products, the solid content is too low, and they are therefore unable to retain their position on the ground surfaces.

IGRALUB offers products with a high solid content that also adhere at extremely high pressure and great heat, and thereby massively reduce wear.
Necessary effects:
– wear reduction
– high pressure absorption
– no overheating
– no seizing
– noise reduction


DRIVE CHAIN LUBRICATION SYSTEM for on-deck helicopter at high sea


– Corrosion resistant
– no dripping
– biodegradable.
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